Projects by Groos On & Offshore B.V. / Curved Cuts B.V.

At Curved Cuts B.V. our core business is high pressure water cutting on location, on- and offshore.
We use low volume intensifier pumps, which use  between 2.2 and 3.7 liters per minute, and a minimal amount of abrasive (between 200 to 500 grams per minute). By doing so the residual material and water used is kept to a minimal amount.

After many hours of engineering we have found a fitting solution to reduce the damage behind the waterjet to only 50 cm. This means we are able to cut a 20”pipe spool from the outside in, without damaging the opposite side of the pipe spool. This technique can be applied on any kind of piping, vessel or tank, both on- and offshore.

Our services do not only limit themselves to piping and vessels. We can also cut deck plates to precise measurements and specifications as well as cut stud-bolts from between fitted flanges. One of the projects we are currently working on is the complete removal of a helideck on an offshore production platform.

Our in-house engineering department designs and fabricates all the parts, tracks and systems we use. This ensures that we can always provide the best and client specific solutions to our customers. And because all of our materials fit in a small container, we can effectively deploy our equipment anywhere in the world.

Our entire system is air powered, except for one electrical part which comes with an ATEX certificate. As a result we can safely work in a “live” plant, meaning that there will be no impact on revenues or production loss during our activities.

To ensure everybody’s safety, we keep to our “hands-off-policy”; All our equipment can be operated from a distance, so our operator will always be out of harm’s way.

Our product comes with 2 specialists whom have all the training required to work and travel offshore. All our specialist are also trained in Torque & Tensioning and are qualified as Rigger Stage 3, therefore, we can supply you with the complete skillset to get any job done.


Curved Cuts B.V. is registered with the SIR.

Further information to collect at the contactformulier, or by phone +31 652025967.