Who we are:

Curved Cuts is the partner for a custom fit solution for high pressure precision water jet cutting on site. 

We aim to supply you with cost effective, safe and low impact solutions, which are custom made to fit for any of our customers, large or small.

Our team has years of experience in the offshore oil & gas industry, the chemical industry & the steel industry. And has extensive knowledge in the systems, procedures and safety culture which go hand in hand with these sectors. 
This gives us the ability to support you in your projects from start to finish. With a dedicated multiskilled team of operators that help you get the job done safely.

What sets us apart:

Nearly all of the other High pressure water jet companies utilise high volume plunger pumps and large quantities of abrasive. The use of intensifier pumps and an abrasive dosage system allows us to regulate and greatly reduce the amount of water and abrasive needed to make the same cuts.

All we require to do our job on location is 2 operators a generator and a 10ft container which fits all our tools and equipment. In comparrison companies that utilise plunger pumps require two 20ft containers and several operators to do the job.

As you can see in the images below;