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Curved Cuts is a company that specialises in High pressure water jet cutting on location.
This is a technique which blasts water and abrasive material through a 0,34 milimeter orifice at 4000bar (58000 psi) creating a accurate cutting tool.

This is not a new technique, but we do believe that we have taken its applications to a new level. 
By using versatile cutting tools and small moveable equipment allows us to set up on any location. The ability to regulate our water and abrasive use to adapt to the different circumstances each project presents. Because no one project is the same as the one before we take every project and request as a new challenge and an opportunity for us to help you get the job done safely, on time and within budget. 

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The Curved Cuts Team.

High pressure waterjet cutting

After many hours of engineering we have found a fitting solution to reduce the damage behind the waterjet to only 50 cm. Find out more?


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All of our specialists are multiskilled, 
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